Anannya Socks & Inners Industries Ltd. is one of the largest factory where uses high quality and updated machines to make shirt, pant, panty, socks and bra. They deal with top brands like GAP, OSKOSH, PUMA, ZARA and many more. They have come a long way and have received many awards for their products. They aim to improve their products with time as well. They also make bras and keep improving on their output.

Garments Sewing


SL No.Name of MachineQtyBrand Name
1Auto Placket Sewing M/C2New Tech
2Back Tape2Pegsasus
5Button Hole1Brother
6Button Hole2Juki
7Button Hole Auto2Brother
8Button Hole Auto3Sunstar
9Button Stitch1Juki
10Button Stitch Auto5Brother
11Button Stitch Auto3Sunstar
12Button Stitch Auto2Juki
13F/L Cylinder Bed11Pegsasus
14F/L Cylinder Bed3Kansai
15F/L Cylinder Bed (Auto)3Kansai
16F/L Cylinder Bed (Auto)1Pegsasus
17F/L Cylinder Bed Royse Cut9Pegsasus
18F/L Cylinder Bed Royse Cut1Sunstar
19F/L Cylinder Bed Royse Cut (Auto)1K-Chance
20F/L Cylinder Bed Royse Cut (Auto)2Pegsasus
21F/L Cylinder Bed Royse Cut (Auto)2Kansai
22F/L Flat Bed4Pegsasus
23F/L Flat Bed (Auto)2Pegsasus
24F/L Small Cylinder Bed13Pegsasus
25F/L Small Cylinder Bed2Kansai
26F/L Small Cylinder Bed Auto2Pegsasus
27Feed Of The Arm1k-Chance
28Feed Of The Arm7Brother
29Fusing M/C1MAX
30Over Lock11Pegsasus
31Over Lock Auto39Pegsasus
32P/M Single Needle Lock Stitch2Brother
33P/M Single Needle Lock Stitch1Kansai
34P/M Single Needle Lock Stitch Auto90Brother
35P/M Single Needle Lock Stitch Vertical5Brother
36P/M Single Needle Lock Stitch Zigzag1Yamata
37P/M Single Needle Lock Stitch Zigzag Auto1Brother
38Picoting M/C2KanSai
39Pull test1Imada
40Rib Cutter2Pegsasus
41Shuttle Stitch1Sunstar
42S-kobling M/C1Kansai
43Smoke M/C (37 Needle)1Golden Wheel
44Snap Button6PMM
45Snap Button1Conjfin
46Snap Button (Local)1Local
47Thread Re-Coning3Hasima
48Thread Trimmer11UniSun
49Two Needle Chain Stitch2ZOJE

Garments Others


SL No.Name of MachineQtyBrand Name
1Spreader machine with table1IMA
2Carton Packing Machine1 
3Dust Suction Machine4Nisho
4Spot cleaning1Oshima
6Iron Table24 
7Manual Cutter machine 10″11KM
8Manual Cutter machine 8″2 
9Metal Detector1Cintex
11Weight scale2 

Printing Machine


SL No.Name of MachineQtyBrand Name
1Octopus 6Head1M&R
2Octopus 8Head1M&R
4Laser Cutting machine1Shenhui
5Printing Dryer1 
6Printing table with spire parts2 
7Heat seal Machine conveyer type1Nagel & Hermann
8Heat seal Machine1Metalnox
9Heat seal Machine3SNSCylinder
10Level Printing1Shanghai
11Colour mixer1Local
12Printing accessaries machine4 



SL No.Name of MachineQtyBrand Name
1Generator1FG Wilson
2Air Compressor small (local)1ELGI
3Air Compressor1Gardner Denver

Washing Machine


SL No.Name of MachineQtyBrand Name
1TONG XIN Brand model AIW-800 washing machine3Guangzhou, Chaina
2TONG XIN Brand model XR-100 washing machine (sample)1Guangzhou, Chaina
3TONG XIN Brand model LDS-400 Dryer6Guangzhou, Chaina
4YP-300 Dip dyeing 1Set1Chaina
7Color/Chemical mixer1Not Found
8Auto servo stabilizer1Local
9Scraping machine1Local

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